Speed dating for cheapskates

Usually, at the conclusion of a speed dating event, the organizer will invite everyone to hang out for a while. After all, they owe the bar some business in exchange for the heap of awkward-karma that’s been created on the premises. 

I often skip these after-parties, but one night my speed dating buddy convinced me to stick around. While she chatted with another speed dater, I fell into conversation with the guy next to me (who had not been part of the speed dating). He asked me a few questions about my night, and then I asked him if it was weird to be in a bar full of speed daters.

Not at all, he explained, since he had done it on purpose. He had seen the event advertised online, but didn’t want to pay for it. So he decided to come to the location anyway and “check it out.” In other words, he had found a bar that would be full of single women looking for a date and already primed to talk to strangers.

I was horrified by the evil brilliance of his sleazy cheapskate strategy.

I gave him my number.


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