Deja vu dating

In a dating scene as small as Philly’s, you’re guaranteed to run into some people more than once. The first time this happened to me, I was embarrassed. As the guy sat down at my table, I remembered meeting him, putting him on my “no” list, and getting the email that he had picked me. I assumed that these pieces of information would be equally present in his mind. They’re not. Maybe it’s a difference between male and female brains or my remarkable unmemorability, but on numerous occasions, I’ve had entire conversations, talking about my somewhat unusual job, making the same jokes, without ever seeing that spark of recognition. Once you get over the weirdness, it’s kind of fun to build your own Groundhog-Day experience.

Note: Unfortunately, this strategy does not work when you met the guy at speed dating, dated him for a few months, then dumped him.


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