Firing range, Part 2

You learned last week about how my dating at the firing range turned out, but what you missed was the preparation. I knew this was a social event different from most in my experience, so I met with my fashion consultant/best friend ahead of time. A skirt would be too dressy, we agreed. But jeans might be too hot.

I settled on khakis. When I arrived, I was relieved to discover that my outfit fit in relatively well. That was, until the woman arrived in 5-inch stripper-style heels. She had decided on jeans, but must have realized that they were too hot, because she had the top button undone.

I thought that was pretty casual until a very large woman entered the building. Her tank top was not quite as oversize as her bosom, so she had a full 10 inches of visible cleavage. But the highlight of her outfit had to be the fuzzy pink bedroom slippers. Sadly, she wasn’t coming to date; that was just her gun-buying outfit. I’m a little worried about the guy back in the bedroom.


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