For those not having Sex in the City

We Philadelphians are used to New Yorkers looking down on us. (Recent true conversation with a New Yorker. Her: We don’t go to Philly much. Why would me? Me: Birthplace of our nation? Easy parking? Nevermind.)

At least when it comes to speed dating, the New Yorkers may be right. I did a little investigating into other speed dating options in the region and was shocked by the variety I discovered in the Big Apple. Not only were there the normal categories you might expect–Indians, Latinos, Asians–but also some potentially controversial variations–African-American men matched with women of all backgrounds.

There were events for snobs (Ivy leaguers and singles with advanced degrees), cougars (“Women Dating Younger Men”) and pragmatists (Non-practicing Jew Night notes “You’re in it for the matzah ball soup!”). Then there were the events for people with certain occupational fetishes. I was only slightly surprised to discover “Playing with Fire,” your opportunity to speed date a New York firefighter. But I had absolutely no idea there would be a market for “Hot for Teacher,” the event for female teachers and the men that are “into” them.

I think my absolute favorite, however, has to be the speed date in which your interests shape the event itself. That would be canine speed dating, “designed for single dog owners and their pets, you attend the event along with your pet, date 10 people of the opposite sex as you walk with your dog.”

Not being a dog owner, I guess I’ll have to wait for the feline variation. Nothing like putting 20 cats in a room to break the ice.


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