Don’t say that #12

To be honest, you might have said all the right things. I’m not sure.

Speed dating is often a pretty international scene. At least on the male side. I’ve never run into a foreign girl, but the guys apparently come from around the world for the opportunity to speed date in Philadelphia. Maybe they’re more adventurous than native dudes? Or more desperate?

Anyway, usually an international speed date is slightly more interesting than average. I can gain a foreign perspective or offer some local guidance. But in this case, all I learned was that you were from India. Not because you were quiet–you talked for almost the entire four minutes. But I didn’t understand a single word. Ok, that’s not true. The occasional word like “Philadelphia” jumped out at me. Otherwise, I had not a freaking clue what you were saying.

I only hope that my smiling and nodding did not signal agreement to a heavily accented proposal or something equally inappropriate. You could have told me that you were planning to kill everyone in the room and I would have responded with a hearty “That’s great. So what do you do for fun?”


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