Booty text

You’d think that once I’ve put my dating life on the internet, I’d have nothing left to be embarrassed by. You’d be wrong.

I had just arrived for a weekend visit home and was chatting with my parents while I waited for a friend to contact me about our plans for the evening. So when the text alert on my phone sounded, the conversation stopped. And when, after reading the message, I shouted, “Oh my god! No freaking way!” my parents noticed. “What did Liz say?” my mom asked. I had to explain that no, the message wasn’t from Liz. Rather it was a guy (a speed dater, incidentally) I’d broken up with nine months earlier. He was texting me at 10:30 on a Friday with an invitation for some “no-strings-attached fun.” This inspired a family discussion of the pros and cons of “hanging out” with someone you’ve dumped. Awkward.

So thank you, Mr. Ex, for allowing me to share this quality booty text moment with my loved ones.


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