Don’t say that #64

There’s a dating double-standard that I think needs to be addressed. Single women are well-aware of the fact that cats, although terribly lovable, aren’t sexy. We generally avoid telling our dates about our furry little friends early on because we’d just as soon not be stigmatized as a cat lady. Cat gentlemen, on the other hand, seem to have no such concern. Two recent examples that have deterred me from wanting to hop into guys’ (probably fur-covered) beds:

An online dater whose photo shows him giggling while two cats climb on him, one of them nibbling his ear, with the caption “Playing with my kittens (they’re grown up now).” He’s now known to my friends as Na-na-na-Catman, a name which shares Batman’s tune, but not his cool.

A speed dater described his TV-watching habits, “I don’t really watch the Food Network but I turn it on every morning when I go to work so my cats can watch it. They like looking at food.” As I explained to him, that’s not only weird, but also deluded. It’s just mean to torment your pets with images of food they can’t eat!


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