Dating under the table

Providing a counter-example to all my complaints about texting, reader Red13 sent in a story about how texting actually improved communication in a relationship of his. (Although it sounds like just about anything would have been an improvement in this case). Red was on the fifth date with a girl, hanging out in her favorite bar, when the story begins. 

“Then someone she knows from work walks by.  Coworker is nice enough but bizarrely talkative, and then actually goes ahead and pulls a third chair up to the table.  My brain obviously says ‘How is this girl so dense that she doesn’t realize this is potentially a date she’s interrupting?’ but my mouth just smiles and acts friendly.

Coworker keeps talking.  They complain about work.  They talk about friends.  They just generally chew the fat. And then Coworker goes, ‘So, Date, how is your boyfriend doing?’

Date’s face drops.  She’s quiet for a second, then awkwardly tries to answer Coworker’s question without making eye contact with me. I’m very interested in her answer, too.  But a minute later, my phone buzzes, and I check it under the table: ‘I was going to tell you tonight.’  I think my response is along the lines of, ‘Uh, of course you were.’

I suppose I thought it was uncool to bring it up verbally, and so the next hour was a very interesting secret text conversation under the table while Dense Coworker talked herself to death above the table. I’m quite confident she still has no idea what was happening.”

Speaking of participants with no idea, I’m wondering what the girl texted her boyfriend. “Hey honey, it’s probably time to tell you that I’m dating other people?”


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