Should I go pro?

I’ve been having a speed dating problem recently. And not the usual ones of having already dated every dude in Philly or only meeting weirdos (I know you all love them, but once in a while I might like to date a nice guy). But every time I sign up for an event lately, it is cancelled at the last minute. The most recent cancellation came with the mysterious excuse of “circumstances beyond our control,” so I decided to get to the bottom of the situation by emailing the organizer.

She replied right away:

Hey there! 
We’re in the process of recruiting a new host for our events in Philly! 
We’ve received a ton of resumes so we’re looking forward to hiring someone soon! 
As soon as someone is on board we will be scheduling a ton of new events! 
Thanks alot! 
Have a great day! 

At first I was excited. Finally, a way to turn my favorite hobby profitable. As for my resume, who could be better qualified for this job than Speed Dating Girl? But then, like any good job applicant, I reviewed her email for any hints at what my prospective employer might be looking for. And I found one major problem. In a six-line email, she had used more exclamation points than I have in the past six months of blogging. (Seriously, I went back and counted.)

So, in order to make the transition from paying dater to paid organizer, I think I will have to go into training! It’s fun! Like every sentence ends with a party!


2 thoughts on “Should I go pro?

  1. Ugh…too many exclamation marks are like a desperate man asking if he can hit on you…annoying. If you go pro and need an assistant, let me know. Perhaps then we could hold the speed dating sessions at some of Philly’s BYOB’s…because men are hotter when we are wearing beer goggles 😉

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