How to identify a psycho

Back when I was relatively new to the dating scene, an older friend taught me some rules. It’s OK to hook up with a hot guy you meet in the bar, she said, but before you start a relationship, it’s important to establish that he meets certain basic criteria. Her requirements were a job, a car and a phone.

After one of my roommates dated a guy who had those three down but slept in his truck (and he started scheduling a “date” when he wanted to shower or sleep) I added “place to live” to the list.

But I recently met a woman, a fellow speed dater, who has a real get-to-the-point/is-this-guy-trouble question in her holster. Forget “What do you do?” or “Where do you live?” She asks “Do you see restraining orders as a normal aspect of dating?”

When she said that, I laughed, but as she kept talking, it became less and less clear whether her answer would be yes or no, based on her dating experience. Maybe some things are better left unasked.


4 thoughts on “How to identify a psycho

    • Are you claiming that you taught me that? You may have brought me much mountain-girl wisdom, but I thought that one was from somebody else, young’un.

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