Don’t say that #44

I was on a speed date, kind of liking the guy I was talking to, when I decided to try out my new question on him. I’m always on the lookout for interesting questions that will help me avoid the dreaded “Where do you live/work/go for fun?” trifecta and I thought I had picked up a pretty good one from another speed dater: “What are three things that you like that most other people don’t?” (My answer is blizzards, contemporary country music and watery beer, by the way.)

Little did I guess that his answer would eliminate my interest in him with mind-blowing efficiency. “That’s a tough question,” he said. “Ok, I like to go to church every Sunday. I like to shoot guns. And I like to clean up my dog’s poop.”


3 thoughts on “Don’t say that #44

  1. Who doesn’t like blizzards?! BTW, two outta three aint bad on his part. Who the heck likes to pick up dog poop? Maybe it’s his way of bonding with his pooch??

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