Don’t say that #49

I was recently bragging to an engaged friend about the glamour of my single-girl weekend. On Friday night, an attractive young man had knocked on my door. Unfortunately, I was unable to open the door, as I was exercising the prerogative of those who live alone– not wearing pants. Turned out he was just selling magazine subscriptions anyway. But on Saturday, the guy who I passed while driving to the grocery store was interested in more than my reading habits. “Do you have a boyfriend? I want to be your boyfriend,” he hollered through the window of his car when we stopped at a red light. I politely declined but was terribly impressed with my irresistability and his nerve.

“Oh, I can beat that,” my friend said. Back in her single days, a magazine salesman had showed up at her door. When he realized she wasn’t buying any magazines, he tried selling her on himself instead. He was enumerating his qualifications as a boyfriend when his cell phone started ringing. He ignored it for a while, but the caller was persistent.

Finally, he pulled out the phone and checked the caller ID. “Oh, I guess I gotta get this,” he told my friend in an annoyed tone. “It’s my baby mama.”


2 thoughts on “Don’t say that #49

  1. Interesting read on your experiences with amusing yet disappointing dates..

    …..but what do you think about the speed dating systems/ services though?

    • I think speed dating services are good way to meet a lot of people quickly, but honestly, I’ve mostly found that the guys who attend the events aren’t usually right for me. Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work well for other people, though!

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