DIY speed dating

Before leaving on a trip to Canada, I looked into the possibility of speed dating there. I didn’t find any likely options, which I now know is because they don’t need officials to organize their speed dates– Canucks do it on their own.

I was walking down Yonge Street in Toronto when a display in a t-shirt store window caught my eye. The t-shirt said “No, ma’am” and had a circle-slash over the female sign. I had stopped to try to interpret it (“Call me miss” or “I don’t like women”?) when I overheard the strangest conversation start up behind me. I feigned even more interest than I had in the mystery t-shirt so I could eavesdrop.

It started when a young man stopped a punk-looking girl walking in the opposite direction. “Who are you?” he asked, adding “You’re too cute for me not to know you.” She answered a few questions about her education and her job. Then the guy invited her to rob a McDonald’s with him. (It’s not quite as out of context as it sounds; they had been commiserating on how their careers didn’t pay much.) He offered her some gum, and then they went their separate ways.

A failure for the guy, but a narrow escape for Big Mac-eating Canadians.


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