Breaking the rules.

I’ve explained my basic date requirements of job, car, phone plus a place to live before. Well, I recently got rid of my car, thus disqualifying myself from dating myself (Which is a shame, really. A while ago, I was surfing an online dating site and thought I had found a super-compatible guy– right age, same beliefs and interests– until I realized that I had clicked back and was reading my own profile).

I also recently broke my rule and dated a guy without a home. I mean, he wasn’t really homeless, but he was living with his grandparents way outside the city, which could actually be less convenient than dating the guy who sleeps on the sidewalk down the street from my office.

The net result was that we made out on a lot of street corners. (It’s true, we could have gone to my house, but first I would have had to clean it. I don’t whip out the vacuum cleaner for just anyone.)

I gained a whole new respect for public displays of affection. So next time you’re about to yell, “Get a room” at that annoying couple sucking face in front of you at the movies, pause to consider whether they have a room, and whether it might be too full of elderly relatives or cat fur to sustain a fourth date.

But then, once you’ve established that it’s not me and a guy with a “Will take verbal abuse for change” sign, go ahead and yell.


5 thoughts on “Breaking the rules.

  1. So you got rid of the guy because he lives with his grandparents but you obviously enjoyed being with him.. It is frankly quite pathetic that you couldnt save this guy the pain and say you arent comaptible in the first place. Talk about leading someone on. This is another display of why chicks like you are so wack. I hope I dont run into any more chicks like you that waste my time because sitting at home alone is better. It saves me heartache and affection I could use on someone more deserving of it.

  2. Also you are a hypocrite. People have to meet criteria that you dont even meet. I understand criteria. Trust me, I do. But not criteria that is so hypocritical. You probably smoke and wear nasty perfume. Why would that not surprise me if you did? The next criteria factor you are going to put is the guy has to make 6 figures or more I bet.

  3. Wow, dude, you are really bitter. This is humor writing! By the way, the guy who lived with his grandparents dumped me, not the other way around. Oh, and nope, I don’t smoke, and I can’t say I’d really care whether you like my perfume or not.

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