Built for speed

I had started to notice a theme at a recent speed dating event. First, there was the guy who insisted that he prefers protein shakes to food. (“That will come in handy when you get old and can’t eat solid food,” I said, displaying my sexy repartee skills.)

Then I speed dated his brother, who manages a gym and has arms that each deserve their own speed date.

After him came a guy who explained that he doesn’t have any friends, because he’s been too busy competing in the Philadelphia Mr. Natural competition. (Click through and take a peek– ain’t nothing natural about it.)

With all the bodybuilders around, I had to sympathize when I got to the skinny little speed dater who was twitching and glancing over his shoulder repeatedly. He may have been a weirdo, or maybe he was just afraid that someone was about to impress a girl by bench pressing him.


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