Lately my dating life has felt like a fairy tale. And not the sort where Prince Charming appears and whisks me off my feet.

Instead, it’s one of those stories where you wish for something and your wish is granted, but so excessively that you’re worse off than you started.

You remember how I went on the date with the guy who didn’t talk? Well, shortly after that, I found myself out to dinner with a guy who only paused for breath. I’m serious– he had to get a doggy bag because he hadn’t had time to chew. I learned about the annoying habits of his company’s HR department, even the continuing education opportunities offered by the grad school he attended. When he asked for a second date (he liked the conversation), I declined.

Instead, I made plans with another guy who had been pestering me to go out with him. Yes, pestering. Before we had met in person, one night I told him I would probably be available after 9 to discuss plans for a date on the phone. By the time I got home at 10, I had two texts and a phone message from him.

Could have been a warning sign, but I thought after dating a couple guys who mysteriously disappeared, this could be a pleasant change. The change part was right, the pleasant not so much. In two weeks of dating, he sent me NINETY-FIVE text messages.

I developed a big phone bill and an even bigger aversion to my phone’s text alert. BZZZZ. What would be this time? Checking again to make sure I got home safely, or some more discussion of whether our relationship should be exclusive? Did I mention that we only went on two dates?

I told him I wasn’t into constant communication. I tried ignoring the texts. So naturally (and by that I mean, natural for a crazy stalker), he started resending the unanswered texts.

I saw no other option but to send one of my infamous dumping texts. Then I turned my phone off and went to heat my bowl of porridge to just the right temperature.


5 thoughts on “SDGoldilocks

  1. Dang, Stacey! You might be addicted to the speed part of dating- you gotta give a guy a chance! He must’ve really been in to you. lol. I know it’s tough out there but no one is perfect! 🙂

  2. I don’t get it – the guys we want to commit, can’t/won’t, and the ones we wish would crawl under a rock and die won’t leave us alone. Dating seems like such a lose-lose these days. But then again, I’ve only been doing the online thing. Perhaps I should give speed dating a shot…

  3. I wish I knew what to tell you, shoegal. Obviously, speed dating hasn’t been a quick fix for me. I’m starting to think that the cool, normal guys aren’t to be found online or at speed dating– they’re off somewhere not trying so hard.

  4. I think they’re all lazy and not trying!! I guess you’ll have to wait and find a media-like person. I’m a texter, so multiple texts would make me happy throughout the day 🙂

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