Lucky line

At last it’s time to announce the winner of the latest SDG contest. Our anonymous submitter didn’t explain whether or not the guy who used this line got lucky but it made her lucky enough to win the fabulous t-shirt displayed below. Her submission:

I was already in this guy’s apartment, when he asked me: “Do you want to see my comic book collection?” I followed him to the bedroom, and then he confessed that he didn’t have a comic book collection but just really wanted to make out with me. Classy moves!

This story is awesome for two reasons. First, he already had her inside, so the fact that he needed a line to get things going is pretty funny.* Second, he could have made up any excuse on Earth to get her into the bedroom, but he went with the absolutely nerdiest possible one.

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*Of course this depends on her reason for being in the apartment. Once I was hanging around the apartment of the guy I was sort-of seeing when his couchsurfing friend apparently decided that my presence counted as foreplay. “So, you wanna fuck?” he asked. Now that’s a classy line.


2 thoughts on “Lucky line

    • I’ll try to think of another contest. Or you could just go ahead and submit something from your files, and I’ll determine whether it’s t-shirt-worthy.

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