A man with a plan

I recently read an advice column that recommended choosing one go-to location for all your first dates to avoid the awkward “Uh, I don’t know, what do you want to do?” conversation that can follow someone agreeing to go out with you. The idea has some merit, but for a girl who firstdates (yes, I’m declaring that a verb) as much as me, things could start to get embarrassing with the wait staff. Still, the expert was totally correct about the importance of a plan for your date. But I’ve never seen anyone take it quite as far as this suitor of an SDG reader:

“I went on a date with a guy who, within the first five minutes of the date, handed me a sheet of paper with an outline of how our date would go,” she reports. “It included time slots for ‘ice breaker conversation’ and ‘holding hands during film.’ The last line of the (extensive) outline said: AND THEN…”

So did she run for the hills (after carefully putting away the agenda for later mocking)? Nope! Not only did she fully complete the outline, including the ellipsis, she went back for more. “I ended up dating the guy for ten months,” she said.


2 thoughts on “A man with a plan

  1. Picking one location for all your first dates CAN be a problem with wait staff. As my dental hygienest found out when the waiters at a large chain restaurant began thinking she was a call girl!

  2. Lol….
    I think it is great if any man can really plan so well for a date…
    After all, why not play with it, if he is the script writer! As much as we all aware of that ” life is but a dream! “

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