You write the script: an SDG contest!

I was sitting in the corner of the bar reading Time magazine when it hit me: am I a boring date? This crisis of confidence had been triggered by a string of painfully unstimulating speed dates.

First there was the guy who was excited to hear where I grew up, because he was trying to borrow a book from a library in my hometown. Librarians may sometimes be sexy, but talking about  them never is.

Then there was the cute, young doctor. Early on, we determined that he used to belong to the organization where I work. Somehow, the question of whether he should rejoin became the focus of our entire conversation, so that my parting words to him were, “We really have a lot of resources to offer subspecialists!” Who wouldn’t want some more of that?

The next boring date was solicting my medical expertise, because he was about to have knee surgery to repair a skiing injury. Not sexy, but at least noteworthy for our use of the word cadaver multiple times in a 4-minute date.

Bad, right? So before I end up telling dates about my bowels (there’s a taste of Speed Dating 2051 for you), I’m asking for help. Next time, it’s up to you to choose my conversational topic. To win the latest Speed Dating Girl contest, submit a question that you think would make for good, or at least interesting, speed dating.

The challenge is pretty simple–you can do it even if you’ve never been on a bad date (if there are any of you lucky bastards out there). But there are a few guidelines. The ideal question will identify the guys who are worth a follow-up date and provide a blog-worthy anecdote about those who definitely aren’t. And please note, the question should not be rude or offensive. (Or at least, not any more so than I am unscripted!) Submit your entries to by Sunday, March 20.

The winner will get an awesome prize and my solemn vow to use the question on my next speed dating adventure. And of course, all of you will get to read the exciting (I hope!) results in an upcoming post.


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