Falling off a pedestal

Remember how when you were in kindergarten, teachers seemed so powerful and omniscient? They had control of the crayons, knew how to read, and could identify all the dinosaurs.

I used to feel sort of the same way about speed dating hosts. (No, don’t get all excited thinking that I went speed dating with dinosaurs. It’s a metaphor.) Sure, sometimes the hosts were disorganized or overly perky, but I always assumed they were all in happy relationships. They worked these events not just for the couple bucks it pays, but to share their wisdom (and a little pity) with us singletons.

Then, the other night, I lost my illusions. I was talking to a host about whether speed dating actually ever works. “Honestly,” I told her, “speed dating may work once in a while, but I think online dating is much more effective for meeting compatible guys.”

“Really?” she said, “That’s very interesting. What site have you used?”

And then, before I could answer, she added, “Because I’ve been thinking it might be time for me to try online dating, but I didn’t know where to go. What do you think I should do?”

My jaw dropped as if Mrs. Shoemaker had just asked me to proofread her resume. Of course, I soon came to my senses and offered a way-too-detailed analysis of the pros and cons of every available dating site. But I’ll never be quite as awed by her authority again; next time she blows the whistle in the middle of my interesting conversation, I might just keep talking.

*Want to be my new dating guru? Don’t forget you’ve got less than a week left to enter the contest!


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