Of receding importance

The form that is traditionally handed out at speed dates is pretty simple: space for your dates’ names, their identifying numbers, some room to take notes, and a Y and an N to indicate whether you’d like to see them again or not. (One company allows you to designate matches as dating, friendship or business, but everyone knows that’s a farce: are you really going to send your resume to someone who knows that you’re a manther?)

But one company recently added some structure to the note-taking area. They now have boxes you can check to note whether a particular date is funny, cute, smart or interesting. Those all seemed like reasonable qualifications. It was the fifth column that amused me: good hair.

Were these forms leftover from a college dating event, I wondered? ‘Cause any thirtysomething woman will tell you, with our dates, hair is a yes-or-no question.


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