Finding the best policy.

When guys talk about why they’re speed dating (not one of my recommended topics, since it leads easily into insulting your date, which I like to save for later in a relationship), a lot of them say, “Because people on online dating sites lie about themselves.”

Sure, everybody fudges a few pounds or inches (like my 5’6″ date whose head I could see over even though I’m 5’4″), but I’ve always thought that totally fake profiles were more of an urban legend than a reality. That is, until I heard this story from a friend.

He met a girl online, and her profile–both the words and photos–indicated that she was 5’9″ and very attractive. So they set up a date, and he waited at the bar for her to arrive. He didn’t pay much attention when a woman who was 5’1″ and about equally wide walked in, until she came over and introduced herself. Yup, that was his date. She admitted that she had used photos of a totally different woman to lure guys into meeting her.

The strategy didn’t work on him– my friend made the date even shorter than his date– and it seems like proof that you should just be honest in your profile, right?

Except that honesty can be taken too far, too, as another online dater I recently spotted proves. He describes himself as already married and living in the suburbs and provides this appealing photo:


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