There’s gotta be a catch.

We’ve discussed my family and friends’ adventures with polyamory before. It’s not my thing, but I totally get the sentiment behind it– limiting yourself to only sleeping with one person is not for everybody.

But I am a little more confused by this online dater who emailed a friend of mine (who had nothing hinting at non-monogamy on her profile) to let her know that he was interested and “NON possessive.” The caps are his, as are all of the upcoming winks. I think he might have some kind of facial tic.

He said: I hope you are not offended by the idea that I truly believe a woman can have the best of both worlds. Have a wonderful always totally faithful to you man at home and yet only you can still be allowed to see another guy occasionally 😉 Unconditionally love baby! 😉 No im not kidding…just different 😉 Ask me and I will explain…;)

I had so many questions (How often is occasionally? As long as you’re staying home, could you do the cooking and cleaning, too?) but disappointingly, my friend did not respond to his generous offer.


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