Downer dater

I’m not one of those people with a really detailed long-term life plan (Except not to be the lamest person at Speed Dating 2050: “What’s that, young man? Three things I like? Well, my dentures, fiber and a comfy pair of polyester slacks, of course.”) but I recently speed dated a guy who was seriously lacking in dreams.

He started the conversation by telling me about his career history, which involved going to podiatry school, quitting podiatry school, and becoming a high school teacher. “Do you like teaching?” I asked. “Nope,” he said, “I’d give it about a 4 out of 10.” “But it’s better than podiatry?” I asked, clinging to my upbeat dating personality (the Dr. Hyde to my blogging side). “Yeah, that was a 1,” he said.

“So, what would you really like to do?” I asked. “Hunh,” he said. “I have no idea. Maybe something like this.” My eyes lit up. Could I finally have found the man to share my dream of traveling the world, dating people and then making fun of them? Luckily, before I could bare my soul, he finished his thought. “I mean, like own a bar or something. It seems like that would make a lot of money,” he said, before adding sadly, “but probably not.”


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