What’ll they think of next?

So we established last week that money and romance can be connected in unexpected ways. (Kiss a mugger today!) You’ll probably be a little less surprised by the concept of hot women dating rich guys. But even Speed Dating Girl, who thinks she’s seen everything (Don’t show that #1: gnarly scars on the first date), was a little shocked by a new Philly dating site.

As this article explains, the site connects men who are willing to pay for dates with women who will supply their dating services. Wait, you’ve already heard of that? It’s been a profitable industry for centuries? But you thought it was illegal in Pennsylvania? No, no, you’ve got it all wrong, according to a woman who gets paid to spend time with strange men and goes by the name DirtyDiana (seriously!).

According to its fans, the service is just helping to compensate women for the misery that is often entailed in a first date with a stranger. That, admittedly, is a concept that Speed Dating Girl could get behind– instead of the sadistic pleasure of humorously mocking her unsuccessful dates, she could earn cold, hard cash. It’s also pleasing how the name of the site, What’s your price? (NO, I’m not giving them a link), brings back memories of SDG’s favorite childhood TV show, “The Price is Right.”

But then she read about the degrading part of the process.  (You thought we’d covered that already? Wrong.) See, the women’s earnings are set by a public bidding process based on how attractive they are. Now, SDG has no doubt that– especially with the help of Photoshop and facial blurring (which is allowed and makes you wonder how the whole system could possibly work)– she could come up with some hot pics.

But no. Riding on a schoolbus full of drunk people was acceptable. A boxing class described as a “MeetMarket” passed the filter. Even the Valentine’s Day lineup seemed briefly like a good idea. But this, it turns out, is the limit– Speed Dating Girl is too classy for that.


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