Try to be happy for me.

This month marks the second anniversary of Speed Dating Girl, and in honor of this momentous occasion, I have a confession to make. Speed Dating Girl is no longer a speed dating girl, and hasn’t been for months. Perhaps you noticed an increasing reliance on friends’ anecdotes and media reports in place of front-line reporting from the dating combat zone.

Yes, amazingly enough, it appears that all those adventures were leading to something other than volume discounts on speed dating– I am now Boringly Happy Girlfriend.

I could start updating you all every week on my relationship. But I’m afraid “Unexpected benefits of being a girlfriend” doesn’t have quite the same entertainment value as “Don’t say that.” Take this week’s edition, #17, for example: My boyfriend vacuumed the cat fur out of my living room! Some of you female readers probably just fainted in amazement at that image, but it’s not going to make anyone fall out of a chair laughing.

So what to do? I need your help, readers, to figure that out. Do you all have enough crazy dating stories to make SDG a user-generated universe? Or do you have some other ideas for how I can be a BHG in real life and an SDG on the internet? Tell me! Comment, email, or corner me in the office bathroom; in whatever form, I want your opinions.


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