False alarm

I’m baaaack. It became clear that all of you were too lame to fully supply me with blog material, so I had to put myself back on the market. No, seriously, things didn’t work out with the boyfriend, for reasons unrelated to your lameness. But it ended about as well as these things can– I didn’t do it by text, phone or email! [INSERT APPLAUSE.] Aw, thanks! I like to think Miss Manners would also be impressed by how I waited a full 12 hours before blogging my breakup.

Anyway, I’ll be doing my best to get back on the job as soon as possible, although it might take me a little while to rejoin all those speed date mailing lists and compose my pithy emails to the fresh meat on the matchmaking sites. Who knows how the dating world may have changed in the six months I’ve been gone? So be patient, and feel free to send your assistance (in lieu of cash, SDG accepts weird invitations, self-improvement advice and English-speaking guys) in the meantime.


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