Poll results!

Full of turkey and cheer, SDG is feeling unusually uncynical. At least about her readers. Dates are another story.

Anyway, your responses to the recent poll were awesome. (Once I found them, that is.  My success rate with new computer programs is even lower than with guys.)  So, to start, there were a few of you who offered serious responses, all of which came to basically the same conclusion:

  • Divorced & new to the market
  • recently exited a very long term relationship
  • Unlucky in love as well

Then there was the mysterious one. I don’t know exactly what it means (submitter, if you’re out there, feel free to elaborate). Being ever-paranoid, my first guess was that it was a dig at me and my lack of, and lack of interest in, said trait:

  • kind

But, unlike me, a couple of you are quite kind. Thanks for your faith, anonymous readers! Or whichever of my relatives submitted these answers:

  • your Prince Charming (ever the optimist)
  • finally one that’s worthy of you

And then, last but not least, there were all you funny people. At least, I assume they were all meant to be funny. If you’re serious, last submitter, I now totally understand why you never called.

  • robot
  • a priest
  • so awesome he intimidates everyone he dates
  • He’s me in 9 years.
  • reading your blog right now.

Don’t say that #200

I’ve been using the word douchebag a lot lately. Either because it’s popular slang right now or because I keep finding myself on dates with guys who say things like, “I’ve been thinking of getting a degree from Harvard Law sometime. Not because I’m interested in law, but just to say that I did it.”

You solve the mystery

Last week I went on a date with a single guy who is 35, has a good job, was nice to talk to, and very, very, very good-looking. How crazy is that? Readers, can you help resolve my confusion by taking the second-ever SDG poll?

The perversity of the universe

The good news is that four (FOUR!) different guys wanted to go out with Speed Dating Girl this weekend. The bad news is that she had decline all of them because she looked and felt like the “before” person in a NyQuil ad. But the silver lining is that this situation offers conclusive proof of the theory that the more effort you put into your appearance, the less likely you are to have a successful date. Think about that.

I did, and it led to some interesting questions. Namely, is leprosy still available in the US? And if I caught it, would George Clooney finally ask me out? And if the answer to both of those questions were yes, would it be worth it? Feel free to disagree, but I’m leaning yes. After all, is a small body part like an ear really so much to pay for a date with one of the world’s most eligible bachelors? (Extra bonus silver lining: I’d finally have a use for all those single earrings!)