A small announcement.

I learned my lesson last time about prematurely proclaiming success. So today, without fanfare, Speed Dating Girl is quietly going on hiatus to try dating one guy for more than 4 minutes. In the interim, feel free to continue (or, um, start) emailing in your own ridiculous dating stories, and check out the new Twitter feed of Speed Dating Girl’s alter ego, Byecatsgirl.


4 thoughts on “A small announcement.

  1. It’s over a year later. Are you still with him? I sure hope so. You deserve some luck.
    I’ve read everything you wrote front to back and loved it. Thanks.

    • Aw, thanks. Yup, we’re still together! Although I have to admit I was a little disappointed to discover that a long-term relationship involves a lot more hard work than diamond commercials would lead you to believe, without the outlet of venting all your snark on a semi-anonymous blog.

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