It all started when I went on my first speed date while taking a writing course. The dinner date I got out of it was pretty lame, but the essay I wrote (repurposed as my first blog post) got a lot of laughs from classmates, friends and family. So for the entertainment value (oh yeah, and the vague hope that I might meet someone cool), I’ve kept at it. Read on for my entirely true experiences as a chronic speed dater. Come back every Monday for a new post. And if you like the blog, pass the word along. The more hits I get, the more incentive I have to put on a low-cut shirt and collect more material.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Re your comment on Evolved Primate: Interestingly enough, you might be very right that this type of finding would not hold for “experienced speed daters”. For first-time speed daters, one might expect enough nervousness and self-consciousness, and therefore a sufficiently high cognitive load, that these sub-conscious effect come through more strongly…

  2. I think that speed dating is a great basis for a blog and your writing is very funny. You don’t say how many speed dates you’ve actually been on? Also, do you go to the same locations regularly or do you move around the area a lot? I went to my first speed dating event yesterday evening. When I walked into the venue, the host greeted the guy infront of me with the words “Good to see you again Giles, how are you doing?” It made me wonder how well it portrayed him, being so well known at the events (a serial speed-dater). I was going to send these questions to you in person, but can’t find a contact link.

    I’ve written an article on my blog about last night’s speed dating shenanigans:

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